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Professional Embraco M/HBP Compressor

Designed expressly for wine storage, differ from compressor in traditional refrigerator. Pure copper tubes enable the compressor with a good corrosion and heat resistance to provide soft cooling power.

Natural Rosewood/Oak

Pioneer of the wooden furniture styled wine refrigerator in China, imported natural wood state an elegant texture.

Artistic Painting Finish

Unique wood finish integrate the styles between home appliance and furniture features.

Computer Controlled Temperature

Accurate computer control system keep most suitable storage temperature between 12- 18℃

Cascading Cooling Mode

Cooling air flow from the top to the bottom, throughout the whole storage space evenly which makes temperature control more accurate.

No Smell

Activated carbon and ventilation holes set interior to eliminate smell outside from the storage space, keep good condition for wines.

LCD Touchscreen

Large LCD touchscreen panel serve the temperature setting and display more visually.

Dry-Wet” Detached Technology

None component of the cooling system is connected directly to the body, whole of them set in independently space to avoid frozen.

Simple Designed Frameless Glass Door

Extensive view created by frameless design, the double layer glass door with a dark brown color prevent against harmful radial.

Four Display Modes

Shelves inside the equipment provide four ways to show your wine: flat, recline, stack and extension for both standard bottles and champagne bottles.

Excellent Cooling Effect

Tubes connected between evaporator and condensers as well as the air circuit are fully made of copper which able to maximize the cooling effect.

Food-grade Storage Environment

Non-formaldehyde, make sure each bottle safety and healthy inside.

Intelligent Top Light

Automatically on/off depends on door open or closed, conveniently for night use.

Interior Decoration

classic elegant Mahogany pattern interior decoration maximize the feelings of artistic

Safety Lock

Prevent against door opening at random

Large Space, Mass Storage

Considerable holding capacity up to hundreds bottles, meet needs of professional collectors.
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