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  • Raching Jazz Night wrapped up perfectly on September 24th

    Raching Jazz Night, a party that combines cigar tasting, wine, cars, model walk, jazz music and new product launch. Everyone had a great time, interacting with each other and getting to know more about the features of Raching humidors.
  • Does it always have to be Spanish cedar?

    Does it always have to be Spanish cedar?
  • Cigar Storage Basics

    Professional cigar bar storage tools are usually cigar humidors and cigar cellars, while ordinary cigar retail stores usually use cigar humidors and cigar aficionados usually use humidors, boxes and bags.
  • Why cigars smell like Ammonia and how to fix it?

    Most smokers of premium, hand-rolled cigars will never experience an ammonia smell with the cigars in their collection or in a tobacconist’s humidor. But, believe it or not, ammonia gases are a standard byproduct of the fermentation process with tobacco.
  • Raching attend the First International Cigar Expo(ICE) at ShenZhen

    Raching attend the First International Cigar Expo(ICE) at ShenZhen on Nov 21-22th, We have met a lots of old friend and new customers from Europe, America and Dominican republic, this is a great moment that witnessed the China's first exhibition show about cigars.We got many business oppotunities at that time and our booth won the honor of best stand in the Show.
  • Raching exhibited the newly cigar cabinet on the 2019 Inter-tabac show at Dortmund

    Raching participated in the 2019 Dortmund tobacco exhibition show (Inter-tabac),.As the most stable temperature and humidity controoled cigar cabinet of global market, the "horizontal line" cigar cabinet made in China completely,we have special Live broadcast for the temperature and humidity of the "Horizontal line"cigar cabinet,It's quite stable and barely fluctuates.This is a breakthrough technology for the constant temperature and humidity cigar cabinet.
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